Whats Cool About The Hyperbolic Funnel?

Hyperbolic Funnel (Coin Funnel™) can be placed in shopping malls, airports, sporting arenas, museums and any public place where people gather.

The Coin Funnel™ illustrates Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion and offers educational fun to millions of people who roll coins on its surface.

It’s hypnotizing! Adults and children are intrigued and amazed by this unique, mysterious phenomenon of the universe! The coins seem to defy gravity as people are memorized by the spinning coins as they bob & weave and even collide at times. People play it again and again, with the cost of play determined only by the loose coins in their pockets.

The Coin Funnel™ will more than pays for itself over a short period of time. It is a perpetual income generator; a creative & fun approach to making money for you and is by far the most incredible moneymaking device of all time!

No electricity needed, experience necessary, products to inventory or employees to manage.

Buy One Today! Three Sizes 62, 40 and 24 inches.