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You can order a funnel online by clicking on the link above, by sending an email to william@hyperbolicfunnel.com or telephone. Once your order is placed, a representative will contact you promptly to confirm it.

All orders are paid in full in advance. Hypertek will accept your personal check, credit card, cashiers check, or money order, or you can wire funds directly into our bank account.

You will receive your Hyperbolic Funnel within seven to ten business days from your order date. All shipping is collect F.O.B. Nashville, Tennessee. Shipping and handling charges are not included in the purchase price.

It takes longer to fill special orders, such as those involving custom logos and colors; please contact Hypertek by phone or email about your special needs.

If you are buying a Hyperbolic Funnel for a nonprofit 501C(3) entity or school, please contact us directly for special discount pricing, look for the non-profit price when ordering.


To order by telephone call us toll-free at (615) 456-4648