About Us - History

My name is William Kantz, and as the creator of The Hyperbolic Funnel (Coin Funnel), I am excited to share this money-making opportunity with you. I have placed and sold hundreds of Hyperbolic Funnels and every month their owners collect thousands and thousands of dollars in residual income from them, with little additional effort!

On this website, I will give you a scientific explanation of how the Hyperbolic Funnel works, and the facts and figures you need about its income potential. You can read personal endorsements from delighted owners of the Hyperbolic Funnel, and see how it is manufactured.

I will show you how much fun and excitement it generates, and tell you how to order one so you can start making money immediately!

“William E. Kantz is the entrepreneur who created The Hyperbolic Funnel in 1985.  Displayed in this picture is one of his first units.  The Hyperbolic Funnel displays a working model of the laws of planetary motion (formula’s) developed by Kepler and Newton.”