As a Business

This is purely a Money Making Opportunity for those who want to operate their own business of marketing, selling or placing Hyperbolic Funnels on behalf of HyperTek Company.

The Hyperbolic Funnel by Hypertek… it makes you money!

Buy one… it makes you money.

Sell one… it makes you money.

Place one… it makes you money.

Three Opportunities Available:

Internet affiliate

Income Sharing Partner

Exclusive Dealer

The Hyperbolic Funnel by Hypertek… it makes you money!

Malls and attractions, fundraising events and special occasions, schools and nonprofits – all provide great opportunities for the Hypertek Funnel to make you money. There are no limits but your own time, effort and ingenuity.

Be an Internet Affiliate… it makes you money!

Promote the Hyperbolic Funnel by contacting your Facebook friends, business contacts, and everyone else! We provide special marketing emails embedded with your ID to ensure you get commissions on all purchases made from emails you send out. And your nominal startup fee is refunded in full with your first commission. No waiting. Get started today!

Be an Income Sharing Partner… it makes you money!

Place the Hyperbolic Funnel by demonstrating the Table-Top Display Funnel. This opportunity offers complete marketing support and pays you a commission every time you place or sell a Hyperbolic Funnel.

Be an Exclusive Dealer… it makes you money!

For little more than a set of Hyperbolic Funnels to demonstrate all four sizes, you can own your own Exclusive Dealership. And that’s what really makes you money!