1. What sizes do you offer?
    62”- Large
    24”- Small
  2. What colors do the funnels come in?
    Charcoal and Metallic Gray
  3. After I pay, how long will it take for the funnel to get to me?
    10-15 days
  4. What are my payment options?
    Check, Credit Card or Paypal
  5. Do you give a discount for Non-profit organizations?
  6. What is the funnel made of?
    Fiberglass, industrial strength.
  7. If  the funnel arrives damaged what should I do?
    DO NOT accept the funnel if damaged! The shipping company will have to cover the cost if they damage the funnel. Take  a picture of the damaged funnel and do not accept. Sometime unfortunately when its shipped the fork lift operator may have punctured the shipping box and damaged funnel.
  8. How much does each funnel weigh?
    Large 62’’- 30lbs.
    Meduim 40’’- 20lbs.
    Small 24’’- 15lbs.
  9. How long will a funnel last?: Funnels are made to withstand years of public wear & tear and are completely weather proof.
  10. How do I know this is a good investment?: The Hyperbolic Funnel is a perfect income generator and will continue to make money for many years after it is placed on location. We have testimonials of funnels generating over $50 a day. These are exceptional situations, of course, but even in ordinary locations they can effortlessly generate between $100 to $400 per month.
  11. Does Hypertek take some of my profits?: NO, You receive 100% of the income – it ALL belongs to you!