Profit Potentials

The funnel is an attraction that will reap substantial revenue for the owner for many years. People play it again and again, with the cost of play determined only by the loose coins in their pockets.

HyperTek Hyperbolic Funnels have been produced for over 15 years and have established a track record of international success with millions of coins being tossed into funnels throughout the world.

The funnels generate lots of money per day when located properly near high traffic areas and that have excellent exposure.   Hyperbolic Funnels are considered more fun than a normal arcade machine and considerably more profitable than passive coin canisters that “solicit” customers for donations with a sign. Hyperbolic Funnels do not require valuable employee time like most corporate fund raising programs.

There are not too many businesses that return cash on investment at this high rate. In fact, there are probably no equities in the entire stock market that return this much yield. Now just think about that!

Monthly income averages indicate that for every one hundred coins received there are:

Quarters   17.34%

Nickels     20.58%

Dimes       27.13%

Pennies     34.24%

Other          1.00%

Total Average Income per 100 coins is $8.89. This means that for everyone playing, an average of 9 cents is collected from each.  Remember, you can add our optional Token Dispenser that takes $1’s and $5’s and your unit will hold an additional $400 in cash!

It is important to understand that the price of a funnel is the total ownership price. It is not a shared income arrangement. You receive 100% of the income – it’s all yours.  We do have a shared income program and financing available just let us know if you would prefer to go this route.

It is easy to see how each Hyperbolic Funnel will more than pay for itself over a short period of time when it is placed in a good location. The funnel is a perpetual income generator that makes money for years.

Please note all income figures shown throughout this web site are best-case scenario and are representations of income from Funnel(s) at various locations. It is not intended to predict the income of any funnel unit. There are many variables that affect income such as the number of people walking past the Funnel and using it.

Corporate Sponsorship

Another important money making thought: the sides of the funnel can be used for corporate sponsorship. Many corporations will be willing to pay to have their name and corporate logo on each side of the funnel. They will pay large sponsorship fees in exchange for getting their name in the public view. This generates a positive image for their corporation and generates income at the same time. You can charge whatever sponsorship fees you like and all that money also goes to you.

We recommend a charge of $1,000 per year for this Corporate Sponsorship. We suggest that you donate a percentage of the sponsorship proceeds to a non-profit charity – this creates good will with the community and all concerned.

You might ask yourself, “Since they pay for themselves quickly and easily, how many should I own if they don’t cost anything?” Think: “how many funnels would I want – if they were FREE?” As soon as the funnel has paid for itself, it is free from that time on. In addition to this self-income generating fact, local businesses are eager to sponsor the funnel in exchange for some space for their name and company logo on the funnel. In many cases you can make enough money just from the sponsorship fee to pay the purchase price of the Hyperbolic Funnel.