Grant Program

The William E. Kantz Jr. Irrevocable Trust (WK2) has established a Grant Program to assist in giving away Coin Funnels to non-profits, schools and churches.  It will assist in HyperTek’s effort to give Coin Funnels for FREE with the Gift A Funnel Forward incentive program (100 total Con Funnels) and additional Coin Funnels with the Kickstarter campaign (250 Mini-Spinner™ Coin Funnels) to the Pledgers, non-profits, schools and churches.  50  and with the Gift A Funnel Forward incentive program.

The first 100 non-profits, schools and churches who fill out the application (in its entirety) and who qualify under the terms and conditions of the Gift A Funnel Forward program will get a FREE Small Coin Funnel at a value of $1609 dollars.

It only takes five minutes to fill out the form, and this grant program expires October 31, 2013, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Reciprocation, LLC (dba / Hyperbolic Funnel, Coin Funnel & Funnel Works) reserves the right to deny any non-profit entity that its owners do not believe benefits the purpose, programs and services it offers (true to its mission statement) to the public or that it spends more than 33.33% on its budget (operational, management and general expenses).  Reciprocation, LLC may request the Employment Identification Number of each Organization or its tax return to understand its operational, management and general expenses and purpose, programs and services to make any final decisions should a Coin Funnel be Gifted.