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The School Funnel

HyperTek Company has designed a new product specifically for your school fundraising needs. The School Funnel is a hyperbolic funnel that is customized specifically for schools. This unique device is as entertaining as it is educational, and best of all for any school that uses one, it brings in a substantial amount of money.

The School Funnel eliminates the hassles and risks of traditional fundraising. Candy is unhealthy, and even selling buttons, magazines, or gift certificates door-to-door may place kids in danger.

With the School Funnel, you don’t have to restock, keep inventory, calculate percentages, or settle for a small percentage of the money you raise. You don’t have to organize a walkathon or a carwash, or rely on the kids to work; just sit back and watch the money come rolling in.

What is a Hyperbolic Funnel?

The operating principle of the hyperbolic funnel was forgotten for centuries until recently rediscovered by HyperTek Company. Our company has researched, developed and calculated the exact mathematical equations that illustrate Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion. For a complete scientific explanation, please click here.

Here’s what happens: Children and adults toss coins onto the funnel’s surface. The coins spin & speed ‘round and ‘round, in a display of non-motorized seemingly perpetual motion. You see a blur as the coins circle & make about 60 revolutions around the hyperbolic cone created by the physics of the vortex shape. As they get closer & closer toward the center hole, the coins become attracted to the sides of the funnel as the coins bob & weave around each other, even colliding at times while they travel at eye popping speeds. The coins spin in different directions causing myriad effects. Each coin behaves differently because of the different velocity by which it is spun onto the funnel’s surface and its weight. And as they continue their horizontal spin, they finally slip down into the deep vortex hole at the bottom. You never know what to expect! And that’s the fun of the School Funnel. It’s hypnotizing! Playing is fun, educational, fascinating and delightfully entertaining.

What Makes The Funnel So Much Fun?

The School Funnel sparks interest no matter where it’s displayed. Safe and durable, it is completely mobile. Children and adults toss coins onto the surface and watch them spin and speed, ‘round and ‘round, and as they draw closer and closer towards the vortex, the coins ride the sides of the funnel at eye-popping speeds.

Each coin behaves differently due to its weight and speed, so you never know what to expect as you watch the coins chasing each other in different orbits, colliding with other coins, spinning and bobbing and weaving in a riveting display of nearly perpetual motion. It’s hypnotizing!

Fundraising with the Funnel is Easy and Effortless. 

The students do not have to sell anything! It sells itself. People just throw money into it wherever it is placed. It will make thousands of dollars and will keep on generating money for years to come, and can also be used in the classroom to demonstrate laws of planetary motion and gravity.

You keep 100% of the money you raise when you buy a School Funnel outright. Or you can get started with an income-sharing arrangement by paying a small deposit.

School Benefits:

  • Make more money – Improves fundraising efforts 365 days per year
  • Turns excess pocket change into thousands of dollars for the School!
  • More profitable than other fundraising campaigns & programs!
  • No need for students to sell or market anything – it sells itself!
  • No prior experience necessary, just place it to make money!
  • Comes assembled ready to make money the day it arrives!
  • Custom made with your school colors, mascot and insignia!
  • No inventory control or percentages to calculate!
  • Funnels come in three sizes! (62, 40 & 24 inch diameter)
  • Lightweight, Durable & Portable make money anywhere!
  • Purchase, Finance or Profit Sharing programs available!
  • Can be used for science class experiments, projects and wood working shop!

Where to Place the Hyperbolic Funnel

Maximize your fund-raising efforts by permanently placing the School Funnel in your cafeteria or school foyer, or by moving it from the football game to the assembly, from the concert to the car wash. With your school logo (mascot) on the side, the School Funnel raises awareness and makes money for your school when you partner with a high-traffic site like a shopping mall, airport, sports arena, museum, local pizza & sandwich shops or zoo.

Parts and Accessories that come with the School Funnel

Each Funnel comes complete with everything you need to start raking in the money: funnel, supporting base, signage, coin rollers and locks.  There are special configurations available for each size funnel (small, medium and large).  The funnel can also be purchased without the base, and if you want your woodworking class to make one, we will provide the plans.

Income Potential

This attraction will reap substantial revenue for many years. Adults and children play it again and again, with the cost of having fun determined only by the loose coins in their pockets.

Hyperbolic Funnels have been produced for over two decades and have established a record of success with millions of coins tossed into funnels all over the world.

If they are placed in high traffic areas with excellent exposure, they can generate over $100 a day. Even ordinary locations effortlessly generate $300 to $800 per month.  Even during summer when school is not in session, the School Funnel keeps on making money, season after season, year after year.

Monthly income averages indicate that for every one hundred coins received there are:

Quarters    17.34 %
Nickels    20.58 %
Dimes     27.13 %
Pennies    34.24 %
Other          1.00%

Total Average Income per 100 coins is $8.89. This means that for everyone playing, an average of 9 cents is collected from each person.  Remember, you can add our optional Token Dispenser that takes $1’s and $5’s and your unit will hold an additional $400 in cash! (Avail. 62 and 40 inch funnels with box base only)

Other Ways To Make Money with the Hyperbolic Funnel

Another way for you to collect money on a yearly basis is to allow businesses in your community to sponsor the Funnel in exchange for advertising space for their company name and logo on the side of the Funnel for any given year. Many local companies are willing to pay large annual fees in an effort to show the public they are supporting the school and to create a positive image for their company in the community. In most cases you can make enough money from a single sponsorship fee to purchase the Funnel. Invite parents to donate as sponsors, to place their name on the side of the Funnel.

Teacher Commission / Finders Fee:

HyperTek Company invites teachers to become Internet Affiliates at no cost.  This program pays a finders fee to any teacher that refers us a customer, even if it’s your own school or fundraising organization.  To find out more about this opportunity, please visit our website at:

Become an Internet Affiliate…. it makes you money.

A teacher can promote the sale of School Funnels by sending out tweets and emails to Twitter and Facebook friends.  You can even send emails & letters to other schools, local businesses and your personal contacts. We provide special marketing emails embedded with your ID to ensure you get commissions on all purchases made from emails you send out. And we provide you with marketing materials like this tri-fold brochure. Get started today!

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