Internet Affiliate

Now Hypertek introduces the hottest opportunity you can find on the internet!

It’s the Hyperbolic Funnel!
It makes you money!

Our special Internet Affiliate program places you in the driver’s seat of your own self-sustaining home business. Now when you let your friends in on your secret… it makes you money.

No inventory! No investment!
No Experience! No Credit Check!
Instant Commissions! No waiting!

And best of all, there are no limitations. You can promote the Hyperbolic Funnel to the whole world, and every time one of your contacts makes a purchase… it makes you money.

Here’s how Hypertek helps you launch your Internet marketing career:

  • Professionally designed Emails for you to send out to your email contact list, your family and friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Your Embedded Personal Affiliate Code lets us know who made the sale… it makes you money!
  • Making it a snap to send multiple emails, Hypertek provides a special customized marketing blast program to automate emails going out to your personal contact list or any mailing list.
  • Professional artwork for the entire product line is provided for you to attach to your emails, print up flyers, and use as you like.
  • Professionally written advertising copy to use as you like.
  • One-time setup fee of $99.00 is reimbursed on your first sale.

Commissions are Three Percent of the sales price, and are paid electronically immediately upon each sale.

And if you contact someone who becomes an Exclusive Dealer, you can double your commission to Six Percent.

Just think of the possibilities. You can promote the Hyperbolic Funnel to friends and family, retail locations and malls, schools and churches, charities and nonprofit organizations.

We make it easy for you to get started immediately and build your own business network.

In fact, you don’t even have to make a sale for the Hyperbolic Funnel to make you money. When you place a Hyperbolic Funnel in a viable, approved location, Hypertek installs one of our own funnels, and you get your commission just the same.

It’s the Hyperbolic Funnel!
It makes you money!