Gift A Funnel Forward - Program

Gift A Funnel Forward

Incentive Program

 Get A Funnel For FREE – Gift A Funnel Forward – Receive Funnel Income

HyperTek Company has developed a new incentive program for non-profits, schools and churches, in order to help them receive a Hyperbolic Funnel (Coin Funnel) for FREE.  In fact you can receive up to 4 Coin Funnels under this same “Gift A Funnel Forward” incentive program.

We are listening:

We understand the Coin Funnels are sometimes beyond the budget and financially out of reach for some non-profits, schools (PTA’s & PTO’s) and churches.   Even though the Coin Funnels make a considerable amount of money, each one pays for itself very quickly and makes money for 20+ years the first hurdle is to buy one.  Many groups have asked us, is there some way to put these on a payment plan, rent or lease one; is there some way to send me a Coin Funnel, let me place it and pay for the it with the income.

Here’s what we decided to do for a limited time (EXPIRES 12/31/13).

We have decided to do better than that, we are going to provide, for FREE, 100 Coin Funnels to the first organizations that qualify.   This way they can place the funnel(s) without having to buy them. And, instead of paying us for the funnel with the income you just need to agree to Gift A Funnel Forward to another non-profit, school or church – totally of your choice.

We call it the “Gift A Funnel Forward” incentive, much like a “pay it forward” concept you heard about or seen in the movies.

That’s right, receive a Coin Funnel absolutely FREE with the conditions that you take 100% of the revenue, from the first proceeds and purchase a Coin Funnel for another non-profit, school (of your choosing) or church.  This way you get one for FREE and they do too.  Spreading goodwill forward!

We know it will make money, we know it will pay for itself; you would not have contacted us unless you knew it makes money, is fun and exciting.    So we are putting our “money where our mouth is” so to say!  You get a Coin Funnel for FREE and so does everyone else down the line.

The application to qualify for the Gift A Funnel Forward is simple and takes only 3 minutes.

You Must Qualify – takes just 3 minutes:

Here’s all you need to do:

  • Complete the application (Fill-out the online form);
  • Tell us how many Coin Funnel(s) you want?
  • Where you will place the Coin Funnel(s)?
  • What you intend on using the proceeds for (ie. your mission, cause or need?)
  • Who you intend on “Gifting” the next Coin Funnel(s) to?
  • We review your application and will let you know within 3 business days and ship your Coin Funnel(s) immediately upon approval.
    • You have to be a non-profit, public school (PTA or PTO), private in-home school or church to qualify for a FREE Funnel;
  • Up to 4 “Small” Coin Funnel(s) for FREE depending on your need and placement potential!  (See Photo of Design Here)

Are There Any Costs:

The costs are minimal.  You must pay for the shipping ($88.00), a deposit ($290) upfront for the Coin Funnel you will be giving away for Free, in the event you want a custom signage/banner ($124 -this is your option) should you want your logo, message, advertisement or mission statement and custom colors ($25) should you have a special need (standard color is yellow with yellow & white base).

Please keep in mind the deposit is not for your Coin Funnel it is a credit for the funnel you are “Gifting” forward, leaving a balance of the funnel to be paid for with the money that your FREE Coin Funnel(s) generates.

Additionally, you will receive $1,609 credit toward the purchase of a larger Coin Funnel, should you purchase of a medium or large Coin Funnel within 18 months.  And a $100 referral fee if you refer someone to us that purchases a Coin Funnel.

You will be required to:

Sign a Purchase Agreement with the standard terms and other special conditions such as agreeing that 100% of proceeds from your FREE funnel will be used to purchase another Coin Funnel as you Gift to another organization;

You will identify the entity, you have chosen to gift a Coin Funnel(s) to, and they must agree accept it, place it and agree to same terms of the Gift A Funnel Forward incentive program, so they can pass forward a FREE Coin Funnel too. (Our goal is for everyone to benefit and get a Coin Funnel for FREE all the way down the line).

  • You must pay for the Coin Funnel(s) within 12 months, this gives you time to place the funnel(s) and purchase one for the next entity. (Note: if you receive more than 4 Coin Funnels the time frame is 18 months).
  • Limited to four (4) Funnels only.  Click Here To See Chart (terms are slightly different from 1-4 funnels)

It’s Easy, just fill out the application form (link provided above), provide for us the information, a signed Purchase Agreement along with the special conditions of the “Gift It Forward” incentive program (addendum) will be sent to you via email to sign, along with ACH credit card form, once we receive that back we will ship your funnel to you within 3 business days.

2 Responses to “Gift A Funnel Forward – Program”

  1. Can a nonprofit gift it forward to a chapter in another state? Or must it be to a totally different nonprofit.

    Are you stating that if a nonprofit buys another coin funnel within the 18 month period they get an upgrade to the huge one?

  2. william

    No a non-profit must name a different non-profit all together.
    Yes they get an upgrade and credit of $1,609 under the current Gift A Funnel Forward program.

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