Exclusive Dealer

Hypertek is proud to announce the most lucrative Exclusive Dealership opportunity you can find on the internet!

It’s the Hyperbolic Funnel!
It makes you money!

Our special Exclusive Dealership program places you in the driver’s seat of your own self-sustaining home business. Now more than ever… the Hyperbolic Funnel makes you money.

Small Investment! Small inventory!
You keep all the money!

As an Exclusive Dealer, you are provided with five Hyperbolic Funnels: Large, Medium, and Small, Table-Top in a handsome carrying case to use for demonstrations to potential buyers and a Mini-Spinner Funnel.

Nothing is more impressive than actually playing with this mesmerizing device! A demonstration will delight everyone you invite, and once people see how much fun it is, the Hyperbolic Funnel will virtually sell itself.

You will have a protected exclusive territory within a fifty-mile radius, renewable on a yearly basis.

All leads in your territory that come into Hypertek from the website, Internet Affiliates, and Income Sharing Partners will be provided solely to you.

If you place a Hyperbolic Funnel outside your territory, Hypertek will pay you a generous three percent commission. Commissions up to 12% are paid for finding Hypertek a new Exclusive Dealership Territory.

Here’s how Hypertek helps you get your Exclusive Dealership started:

  • 1000 business cards and 1000 letterheads with envelopes to support your direct mail marketing and correspondence.
  • DVDs for you to mail out or leave behind after a demonstration.
  • Professional email address: Your.Name@hyperbolicfunnel.com.
  • Professionally designed Emails for you to send out to your email contact list, your family and friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Your Embedded Personal Affiliate Code lets us know who made the sale… it makes you money!
  • Making it a snap to send multiple emails, Hypertek provides a special customized marketing blast program to automate emails going out to your personal contact list or any mailing list.
  • Professional artwork for the entire product line is provided for you to attach to your emails, print up flyers, and use as you like.
  • Professionally written advertising copy to use as you like.

Worldwide Market! Sold Everywhere!
Own it, lease it, sell it or place it!
The Hyperbolic Funnel makes you money!