We have many endorsements from people who have learned the most important thing about The Hyperbolic Funnel: IT MAKES YOU MONEY.


B. W. General Manager, Forum 303 Mall

“People of all ages were drawn to this gravity demonstration… maintenance free and educational… customers called to compliment us on the display… an extra-added attraction for shoppers… I recommend it!”



A.E.W., Creative Leasing Coordinator. West End Marketplace Shopping Mall

“I highly recommend this for any retail mall center… great excitement from the public… great enthusiasm… display on a regular basis!!!!”



F. M., Chairman of the Board, COM Connect, Inc.

“I’ve traveled throughout the United States and have never seen anything that caught my eye like the Hyperbolic Funnel display. I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued. Many other people were impressed too… at least 15 people gathered around watching… really enjoyed by folks.”



Brian Snow, Mgt. St. Clair Square

“Looks great! Since it inception the Funnel has consistently enjoyed a crowd or people racing coins. People of all ages have been using the Funnel and are drawn to its sleek, black appearance and overall unique entertaining appeal. The Funnel has had a fantastic presence and should continue to remain a fun and exciting attraction for St. Clair Square. The thing I like most about it, is that it needs no electricity and can be placed in high traffic areas for greater profits! I thought you would find it interesting to know that I have had customers and retailers tell me that they think the unit looks like an attractive piece of artwork and is a great addition. I look forward to a successful relationship and the possibility of an additional unit.”



Rich Pangratz, Lakes Mall

“Thanks for placing one of your Funnels in the Lakes Mall. It has attracted a lot of interest from our customers and has become a ‘conversation piece’ for the Mall. Many times, I will see people racing coins in competition, and smaller children watch in awe as their coin keeps circling until it disappears. We are very pleased with the design of the unit, which is unique and appealing, and the comments we receive are very positive.”