Each funnel and base is made with careful consideration to its size, shape, color and consumer appeal so that it catches the public’s eye and yet blends in with various surroundings. The funnels are made to withstand years of public wear and tear.

Each funnel comes complete with everything you need to start making money immediately. All you need is a commitment to purchase and a Phillips screwdriver and you’re on the road to added revenue.

HyperTek Hyperbolic Funnels are made to look like new and withstand public wear and tear over a long time period. Each unit is manufactured to exacting specifications; the funnel’s surface is carefully calibrated to insure perfect performance. The Hyperbolic Funnel is made of highly polished, industrial strength Fiberglass with a matching hourglass shaped base made form poly carbonate (sturdy plastic). HyperTek offers several base designs including the “Box Design”. The purchaser must build this Box Base (construction plans are available when ordering). The hourglass shaped base(s) come standard in black. However, if you want to special order a color, you may provide a color sample. There is an additional charge for special colors.

Maintenance, Specifications & Measurements

Maintenance requirements are minimal – the unit is virtually maintenance free! There are no moving parts or circuitry to break down. It is recommended the funnel surface be cleaned monthly with glass cleaner and a soft cloth. This cleaning can be accomplished in less than five minutes and will keep the funnel looking like new for years.

There are two size Hyperbolic Funnels: A 62-inch diameter funnel and a 42-inch diameter funnel. If you have the available floor space, it is our recommendation to buy the larger one, simply because it allows more people to participate and the coins circle more times.

Each complete funnel weighs approximately 140 pounds. We recommend that you place additional weight such as three bricks inside the base to give it more stability and less risk of someone turning it over.

Each funnel is designed to sit in a base, which will vary depending upon the size of the funnel you choose. You can also choose to make your own base out of particleboard with laminate design to match the interior.


  • Plaques with science explanation & located on this same plaque is brain-teaser, which reads: “Which Rolls Faster Quarters, Nickels, Dimes or Pennies?”
  • Coin Rollers (two) for rolling coins on funnel surface
  • Token/Coin Changer (optional)
  • Placement DVD’s

Plaque Description:

A plaque offers a brief scientific explanation so people can learn while enjoying the funnel:

“The Hyperbolic Funnel is a working model of the solar system and displays Kepler’s “laws of planetary motion”. These laws apply to any orbiting body, including satellites orbiting the earth. The center hole represents the sun and a coin rolling represents a planet in motion. Gravitational pull is represented by the downward curve of the surface. The steeper the curve, the greater the pull on the coin, as it gets closer to the center. As the coin circles and descends, its energy of position is replaced by energy of motion. This is why a planet orbits at greater speeds as it nears the sun and slows down when it moves further away.”

This description can be provided in different languages based on your language needs.  We currently have this description in English, Spanish and Hebrew.  You can see these in Downloads.